Tuxedo rental

The tuxedo (black tie) is the outfit of choice for parties, galas, rallies, balls, special occasions...
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Our offer for a tuxedo :

2 pieces set: black jacket (point collar or shawl) / black pants.

Starting at 109 €

2 rooms or 1 room in particular, everything is possible and always impeccable.
Cleaning included
Sleeve and pant length alterations are included.
Full-scale measurement possible (optional)
We advise you as if you were buying.
All your ad hoc accessories at your fingertips (tie, bow tie, suspenders, cufflinks, etc.).
Change your mind after the event and want to buy your outfit?

No problem.

And as a gift, we'll deduct the rental price from the purchase price of the costume (on quotation and even -50% on second-hand pieces).
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You have all the "ad hoc" accessories at hand.

Tuxedo shirts (collar or regular collar, with or without cufflinks), bow ties, tuxedo belts, ties, pocketkerchiefs, vests, socks, ...everything is here, direct from the finest European Master Craftsmen.
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How will your rental work ?

1. The "discovery" appointment

By appointment, so you don't have to wait, and with reserved parking so you don't have to drive around the neighborhood.

You discover the concept of leasing with an option to purchase.

We'll show you the different leasing options.

We'll advise you on what's best for you.
2. The "Measurements" appointment

Always by appointment.

You try on your rental outfit and we take your measurements to note any adjustments to be made (+-15 min).

In the Made-to-Measure offer, we take complete body measurements (+-30 min).

This is also an opportunity to choose your accessories (ties, bows, vests, shirts, etc.).

A precise pick-up date is set according to your requirements.
3. Final fitting, removal and return

You try one last time and leave with your rental piece for your event.

Our on-site workshop enables us to make last-minute adjustments immediately, if necessary.

You return the rented piece to us a few days later (depending on the date agreed).

At that point, you can decide whether or not you'd like to purchase it.

In the 1st case, we deduct the rental price from your purchase. We'll also take care of any minor alterations required.

In the 2nd case, we simply take back the rented outfit.

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Our commitment : Give you the certainty of renting a clean room in good condition with little wear.

And with all the accessories at hand.
Mise à mesure
Renting is not synonymous with "low quality": the pieces are made from the finest fabrics and are only rented a limited number of times.

Renting is not synonymous with "ill-fitting": the pieces have a modern cut, adjusted by our tailors.

Renting is not synonymous with "dirtiness": after each rental, the rooms are professionally cleaned. So you'll always have a spotless room.
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